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Los 5 problemas dentales más frecuentes

Le 20 janvier 2018, 11:57 dans Humeurs 0


Causas: Mala higiene dental (principal).

Síntomas: Decoloración de las piezas dentales, dolor.

Tratamiento: Desde curación simple hasta endodoncia. Lo ideal es preservar la pieza, por lo que la extracción suele ser último recurso.



Causas: Mala higiene dental.

Síntomas: Caries, mal aliento, sangrado, inflamación de las encías (gingivitis), destrucción de los tejidos de soporte de los dientes (periodontitis).

Tratamiento: La gingivitis es reversible. Con el debido tratamiento, las encías se recuperan. La periodontitis, por su parte, es crónica e irreversible. En estos casos, podría ser necesaria la cirugía.



Causas: Causas genéticas, malos hábitos en la niñez, respirar por la boca (a largo plazo).

Síntomas: Los dientes superiores e inferiores no encajan a la hora de la mordida.

Tratamiento: Uso de dispositivos para frenar y corregir la maloclusión, ortodoncia.



Causas: Mala higiene dental, otro tipo de patologías (el 10% de los casos).

Síntomas: La boca desprende mal olor.

Tratamiento: Tartrectomía (eliminación del sarro y la placa bacteriana), higiene dental rigurosa.



Causas: Estrés, factores genéticos.

Síntomas: La persona aprieta los dientes involuntariamente, lo cual produce un sonido particular. Puede ocurrir durante el día, pero también en la noche (es lo más frecuente). Otros síntomas: dolor de cabeza, mandíbula, cuello y orejas.

Tratamiento: Terapias musculares, uso de férulas especiales.


1.3L Máquina Limpiadora Ultrasónica JPS-08A

Le 12 janvier 2018, 10:27 dans Humeurs 0

1.3L Máquina Limpiadora Ultrasónica de Acero Inoxidable JPS-08A 110V/220V

 1.3L Compacto Máquina Limpiadora Ultrasónica Digital de Acero Inoxidable SUS304 JPS-08A

Aplicación principal:

El uso de departamentos especializados para el laboratorio, odontología hospitalaria, taller electrónico y otros productos para placa de circuito, boquilla de impresora, productos electrónicos, accesorios de maquinaria y hardware, como collar de familia de golf, pendientes y pulseras, cabeza de afeitar, punta, monedas, insignias y otros.


Especificaciones del producto:Limpiador Ultrasónico

Modelo: Máquina de limpieza ultrasónica JPS-08A

Frecuencia ultrasónica: 40KHZ

Material principal: acero inoxidable SUS304

Capacidad: 1.3L

Control de tiempo: LCD de control digital (1-30 minutos)

Fuente de alimentación: AC100-120,50/60HZ o AC220-240V, 50/60HZ

Potencia ultrasónica: 60W

Potencia de calentamiento: 50W (calefacción NC)

Dimensión del contorno: 180*170*140mm

Tamaño del tanque: 150*135*65mm

Tamaño del paquete: 260*260*260mm (L*W*H)



Choosing the Right Kind of Dependable Dental Equipment

Le 12 janvier 2018, 10:04 dans Humeurs 0

It’s easy to get flustered when searching for dental equipment for sale, so it never hurts to revert back to basics and focus on the tools that matter most to your success. You should always try to make things easier for yourself by investing in the right kind of durable and dependable equipment. Among all of the dental tools and equipment that you will need in your dental office, there are a few select items that you simply cannot go without.

Dental air compressors are essential for performing some of the most routine tasks in dentistry, and digital image equipment has become a staple of today’s offices. Additionally, you’ll need a place for your patients to sit, and you’d be wise to invest in portable dental chairs in case you move to a different location.

Dentists in search of a new dental air compressor can begin by searching for models with oil-free reliability. Oil and dentistry simply do not mix. Every operatory requires compressed air to function and operate. However, if the air a dentist uses to run their practice has poor quality, the effects can be extremely detrimental. Having unclean air can negatively impact not only the patient- but the staff, dentist, various procedures and operating costs as well.

When purchasing a dental chair, newer models are often alluring. However, there are many used and refurbished chairs that provide the same quality, comfort, and operability as brand new ones. Purchasing a high quality used dental chair can help save dentists a lot of money.  By familiarizing themselves with their new dental chairs and by maintaining and taking good care of them, dentists can utilize these essential pieces of equipment for many years to come.

Many dentists purchase dozens of excellent chairs, use them for a couple of years, and then stress out when it’s time to switch locations. If your dental chairs are installed into the floors, you’ll basically need to spend one entire moving day learning how to relocate them. To avoid this, invest in portable dental chairs that won’t bust your budget.

In dentistry, there are two types of digital imaging systems used in intraoral radiography: computed radiography (CR) and direct radiography (DR). These are then categorized into periapical and panoramic x ray machines. Furthermore, there are two sources of image noise used in digital imaging: statistical noise and structured noise. Due to the wide range of portable dental x rays unit capabilities, you should do some research of your own and rely on your education to figure out which machine is worth your investment.

Dentists must responsible for patients. Dental equipment are so important to dental practice, so you should pay much attention on choosing them.  You should try to make things easier for yourself by investing in the right kind of durable and dependable equipment.

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